ADB to Provide $181 Million Loan for Ahmedabad Livability and Mobility

ADB to Provide $181 Million Loan for Ahmedabad Livability and Mobility

Loan Agreement:

               The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has signed a loan agreement with the Government of India worth $181 million to improve urban livability and mobility in Ahmedabad’s peri-urban districts.

Beneficiaries: The project’s goal is to improve urban services and governance for the poor, women, and migratory workers.

Infrastructure Development:

    The project calls for the development of 166 km of water distribution network, 126 km of climate-resilient stormwater drainage, 300 km of sewerage systems, and four sewage treatment plants.

Connectivity Improvements:

    The project would also support 10 junction improvements along the current Sardar Patel Ring Road to increase connectivity between peri-urban areas and Ahmedabad city.

Capacity Building:

            The ADB will assist the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority and urban local bodies in strengthening their capacity for technology-based urban planning, climate change and disaster-resilient infrastructure development, environmental and social safeguards, gender equality, and social inclusion.

Land Development and Town Planning: The project will assist with land development plans and town planning schemes to improve urban infrastructure and services.

Financial Planning and Revenue improvement: It will also improve government agencies’ capabilities for financial planning, revenue improvement, and infrastructure asset operations.

Community Engagement:

  • Awareness-raising activities will take place in communities to promote water conservation, health, and cleanliness. Women self-help organizations will be taught in water supply operations.

Recycling Treated Sewage: The initiative will leverage a public-private collaboration to promote the recycling of treated sewage for industrial use.


  • The project is projected to improve the quality of urban infrastructure and services, increase urban livability and mobility, and help Gujarat’s economic development.


  • The ADB loan will play an important role in upgrading infrastructure and services in Ahmedabad’s peri-urban areas, benefiting a diverse range of stakeholders and fostering long-term urban growth.



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