Akums Launches Indigenous Hydroxyurea Oral Solution for Sickle Cell Anemia

Akums Launches Indigenous Hydroxyurea Oral Solution for Sickle Cell Anemia

Product Description:

  • Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals launched India’s first indigenous hydroxyurea oral solution for the treatment of sickle cell disease in children. This oral suspension is stable at room temperature, unlike its global counterpart, which requires storage in 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Cost and Accessibility:

  • The drug will be provided to the government at the cost of INR 600, which is nearly 1% of the global price of INR 77,000. This affordability is crucial for treating the disease effectively, especially in regions with high prevalence like India and Africa.


  • The development of this medicine is a significant milestone in India’s efforts to combat sickle cell anemia. It is expected to benefit tribal communities and children, contributing to the Sickle Cell Anemia Elimination Mission launched by PM Narendra Modi in 2023.

Technical Specifications:

  • The hydroxyurea oral suspension is suitable for the symptomatic management of sickle cell syndrome, preventing recurrent painful vaso-occlusive crises, including acute chest syndrome, in adults, adolescents, and children over two years old.

Manufacturing Capacity and Distribution:

  • Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals have the capacity to produce 2 crore bottles per month. The company aims to commercialize the medicine for Rs 700-800, making it accessible to a larger population.

Research and Development:

  • Akums’ R&D team worked for two years to develop this oral suspension, which is stable at room temperature and can be administered easily to children and adults, improving treatment accessibility and adherence.

Future Plans:

  • The company plans to conduct Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) under the guidance of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) once the product is commercialized. This step is essential for monitoring the medicine’s effectiveness and safety in real-world conditions.


  • The launch of this indigenous hydroxyurea oral suspension at an affordable cost and with improved storage stability is a significant step towards eliminating sickle cell disease in India. It reflects the government’s commitment to providing accessible healthcare solutions to all segments of society, especially those in need.

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