March 20:International Day of Happiness

March 20:International Day of Happiness

Date: March 20


  • The International Day of Happiness, also known as World Happiness Day, was first observed in 2013 by the United Nations.
  • The General Assembly of the UN declared the day on July 12, 2012, to fortify the right policies and make a change through education, awareness, employment, and multidimensional development procedures.
  • The first demand for the resolution was made by Bhutan, known for its Gross National Happiness (GNH) index, emphasizing happiness as a measure of development alongside GDP.
  • Bhutan has been issuing a ‘National Happiness Report’ since 1970, and this emphasis on happiness influenced the global recognition of the International Day of Happiness.


  • The day recognizes happiness as a fundamental human goal and calls for a more inclusive, equitable, and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples.
  • It aims to incite gentle transformations from individuals to civil society and national and international frameworks, marking the loopholes of progress toward a better inclusive future with fewer economic gaps and more social inclusivity.

Theme and Concept:

  • Focuses on humanity, inclusivity, and empathy
  • Aims to foster sustainable developmental goals and striking policy frameworks
  • Highlights the need for moderate satisfaction in life, work, dreams, and aspirations

Activities and Celebrations:

  • The United Nations presents the ‘World Happiness Report’ on March 20 to shed light on sparks of hope amid worldwide conflicts, emphasizing the need for moderate satisfaction in life, work, dreams, and aspirations for genuine societal progress.
  • UNESCO initiated the ‘Happy Schools Project’ in 2014 and launched a learning toolkit in 2022 to endorse lifelong learning processes, supporting the goal of a better inclusive future.
  • Individuals and organizations celebrate the day by sharing wishes, images, quotes, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook status messages emphasizing the importance of happiness in daily life.


  • “Nothing scares your enemies more than knowing you never shed your smile, even in the face of adversity. Keep smiling. Happy International Day of Happiness.”
  • “The most wonderful thing you can do is to continue to be happy and to share happiness with others. Best wishes on the International Day of Happiness.”
  • “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times; if only one remembers to turn on the light.” – JK Rowling


  • The International Day of Happiness serves as a reminder of the importance of happiness in our lives and encourages us to strive for a more inclusive and joyful world.

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