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Sangama Dynasty

origin of Sangama Dynasty:

                                   The Sangama Dynasty, the earliest rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire, ruled from 1334 to 1485 AD.The Sangama Dynasty was founded by Harihara I and Bukka.According to the history of Nunis, after conquering Gujarat, Muhammad Taklaq of Delhi  captured  Anegundi in 1336 and moved southwards.Hariharadeva I, also known as Deorao, secured protection from the marauding forces and  established Vijayanagara on the south bank of the river  .The city grew rapidly and became a haven for displaced warriors advancing Hindus, refugees and  Deva Raya II, who  ruled until 1446, successfully  defended Vijayanagar against the combined attacks of his son Malikarjuna,  the Bahmani Sultan and the Raja of Orissa.

Rulers of Sangama Dynasty:

Ruler Rule
Harihara I (Deva Raya) 1336-1356
Bukka Raya I 1356-1377
Harihara II 1377-1404
Bukka Raya II 1404-1406
Deva Raya I 1406-1422
Veera Vijaya Bukka Raya 1422-1424
Deva Raya II 1424-1446
Mallikarjuna Raya 1446-1465
Virupaksha Raya II 1465-1485


Harihara: (1336-1356)

                         He was also known as ‘Hakka‘ or  ‘Vira Harihara‘.He founded the Vijayanagara Empire and belonged to  the Kurupa clan.Harihara I ruled the northern parts of the Hoysala Empire before conquering Vijayanagar in 1343.

Bukka Raya : (1356-1377)

                               Bukka Raya I was the brother of Harihara I. He ruled for thirty-seven years following the reign of Harihara .He expanded the empire by defeating the Shambuvaraya kingdom of Arcot and the Reddis of Kondavidu by 1360. He defeated the Sultan of Madurai and extended the territory into the south all the way to Rameswaram.Legends revolve around their early lives as they were born into the Kuruba clan and  served as commanders in the royal army of the King of.

Harihara II: (1377-1404)

                    He ruled from 1377 to 1404 CE.The Kannada poet supported Mathura .He made a significant contribution to Vedamarca.His rule was concentrated on the Vijayanagara region, especially

Deva Raya I: (1406-1422)

                He ascended the throne in 1406 after the sons of Harihara II  fought  for succession.An able ruler, known for his military prowess and irrigation projects.He  suffered a setback in his wars with the Bahamani Sultan and  died in

Deva Raya II: (1424-1446)

                                  The most powerful ruler of the Sangama dynasty.Deva Raya II  ruled from 1422 to Despite suffering defeats in battles with the Bahmans, he  focused on administrative restructuring.He introduced Muslims into the army to compete with the Bahamanis .

Virupaksha Raya II:(1465-1485)

                               In 1465, Virupaksha Raya II inherits the Vijayanagara Empire from his corrupt uncle, Mallikarjuna Raya.
The empire is already weakened by internal conflicts and external threats.Enemies like the Bahmani Sultanate and the Gajapati Raja invade, taking key territories like the Konkan coast and Tiruvannamalai.In a tragic turn of events, Virupaksha is murdered by his own son, Praudha Raya, in 1485.

End of Sangama Dynasty:

                 Following the death of Deva Raya II in 1446.  His eldest son, Mallikarjuna, after him, faced challenges from external threats but managed to keep the kingdom intact.Eventually, the Sangama dynasty saw  its end with the rise of Narasimha Saluva.He  deposed the last ruler, Virupaksha II,  which was the “first usurpation” and  transition to the Saluva dynasty.


1 .Question: Who was the founder of the Sangama Dynasty in Vijayanagara?

a. Krishna Deva Raya

b. Harihara I

c. Virupaksha Raya II

d. Achyuta Deva Raya

Answer: b. Harihara I

Explanation: Harihara I, along with his brother Bukka Raya I, founded the Sangama Dynasty in 1336 after asserting independence from the Hoysala rulers.

2. Question: What emblem did the Vijayanagara rulers of the Sangama Dynasty adopt as their royal emblem?

a. Tiger

b. Elephant

c. Boar (Varagraha)

d. Peacock

Answer: c. Boar (Varagraha)

Explanation: The Vijayanagara rulers of the Sangama Dynasty adopted the Chalukyan emblem of the boar, known as Varagraha, as their royal emblem.

3. Question: Which dynasty succeeded the Sangama Dynasty in Vijayanagara?

a. Tuluva Dynasty

b. Chalukya Dynasty

c. Hoysala Dynasty

d. Saluva Dynasty

Answer: a. Tuluva Dynasty

Explanation: The Tuluva Dynasty succeeded the Sangam Dynasty, with Krishna Deva Raya being one of its notable rulers.

4. Question: During which century did the Sangama Dynasty rule the Vijayanagara Empire?

a. 14th century

b. 15th century

c. 16th century

d. 17th century

Answer: a. 14th century

Explanation: The Sangama Dynasty ruled the Vijayanagara Empire from the 14th century, starting in 1336.

5. Question: What event marked the end of the Sangama Dynasty’s rule in Vijayanagara?

a. Battle of Talikota

b. Krishna Deva Raya’s death

c. Coronation of Achyuta Deva Raya

d. Abdication of Harihara I

Answer: a. Battle of Talikota

Explanation: The decline of the Vijayanagara Empire and the end of the Sangama Dynasty were marked by the disastrous Battle of Talikota in 1564.


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