Current Affairs notes -13 March ,2024

1.When was the MoU between NIELIT and ITI Egypt signed?

A) 12th March, 2023

B) 12th March, 2024

C) 12th March, 2025

D) 12th March, 2026

2.What is the primary objective of India’s first FutureLABS at C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram?

A) To promote entrepreneurship in Kerala

B) To develop electric locomotive technologies

C) To pioneer next-gen chip design and research

D) To enhance sustainable energy solutions

3.How did Sachin Salunkhe describe his vision for investments?

A. Focused solely on monetary returns

B. Aimed at societal improvement and environmental preservation

C. Geared towards personal gain

D. Not mentioned in the passage

4.What collaboration was announced between C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram and the Ministry of Railways?

A) Development of electric locomotive technologies

B) Deployment of microgrid technologies

C) Transfer of technology for an electric vehicle wireless charger

D) Collaboration with Tata Power

5.What is the purpose of the MoU between NIELIT and ITI Egypt?

A) To enhance workforce skills

B) To promote employment opportunities

C) To address skills gaps

D) All of the above

6.How many companies does Sachin Salunkhe’s portfolio encompass?

A. 50 companies

B. 75 companies

C. 104 companies

D. 120 companies

7.Where is the National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) located?

A) New Delhi

B) Mumbai

C) Mohali

D) Bengaluru

8.What is the primary purpose of the joint naval drill in the Gulf of Oman?

A) Combatting terrorism

B) Enhancing maritime security

C) Conducting rescue operations

D) Improving information exchange

9.What award was Sachin Salunkhe awarded at the Goa Investment and Business Summit in 2024?

A. ‘Best Investor of the Year’

B. ‘Promising Investor for the Year 2024’

C. ‘Top Investor in Sustainable Ventures’

D. ‘Innovative Investor Award’

10.What role does FutureLABS envision for Thiruvananthapuram?

A) To become India’s next innovation hub

B) To become a manufacturing hub for semiconductors

C) To lead in sustainable energy solutions

D) To establish itself as a major player in AI research

11.How has India’s bio-economy grown in  the last decade, according to Dr. Jitendra Singh?

A) 10 times

B) 13 times

C) 15 times

D) 20 times

12.The primary objective of the MoU signed between NIELIT (India) and ITI (Egypt) is to:

(a) Establish trade relations between the two countries.

(b) Enhance workforce skills and promote cooperation in the ICT sector.

(c) Facilitate cultural exchange programs for students.

(d) Provide financial aid for research and development activities.

13.According to the information provided, which technologies are highlighted as dominant for shaping the future of tech?

A) Biotechnology and Robotics

B) Artificial Intelligence and Semiconductors

C) Nanotechnology and Quantum Computing

D) Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles

14.What is the name of the joint naval drill being conducted in the Gulf of Oman?

A) Ocean Shield  2024

B) Sea Guardian  2024

C) Marine Security Belt 2024

D) Naval Shield  2024

15.What role does NABI play in the development of agriculture in India?

A) It focuses on developing advanced crop varieties

B) It promotes bio-manufacturing and bio-foundry

C) It contributes to the Atal Jai Anusandhan Biotech (UNaTI) Mission

D) All of the above

16.Which countries are mentioned to be involved in the “Security Bond-2023” exercises in addition to China, Iran, and Russia?

A) India, Pakistan, Oman

B) Iran, Pakistan, Oman, UAE

C) India, Saudi Arabia, UAE

D) Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman

17.What are Sachin Salunkhe’s investment interests, as highlighted at the summit?

A. Real estate and hospitality

B. Technology startups and sustainable energy initiatives

C. Traditional manufacturing industries

D. None of the above

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