Diana Legacy Award Winners from India Uday Bhatia & Manasi Gupta

Diana Legacy Award Winners from India

Awards Ceremony:

  • Date: March 14, 2024.
  • Location: London’s Science Museum.
  • Presented by: Prince William, the older son of Princess Diana.
  • Purpose: Part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of the Diana Award charity, set up in memory of Princess Diana.
  • Other Recipients: 20 young changemakers from around the world, recognized for their social action or humanitarian work.


  • Uday Bhatia and Manasi Gupta, hailing from Delhi and Haryana respectively, have been honored with the prestigious Diana Legacy Awards in the UK.
  • These awards celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Diana Award charity, established in memory of Princess Diana.
  • Prince William presented the awards to Bhatia and Gupta at a ceremony held at London’s Science Museum.

Uday Bhatia:

  • Background: Delhi-based innovator and founder of Uday Electric.
  • Achievement: Developed the Outage Guard bulb, a low-cost solution providing uninterrupted lighting for up to 10 hours during power cuts, benefiting 950 families.
  • Recognition: Received the Diana Legacy Award for his social innovation and impact on education and employment opportunities.
  • Future Goals: Aims to focus on energy generation alongside energy storage to “light every house across the globe, one bulb at a time.”

Manasi Gupta’s Contribution:

  • Gupta, founder of the Huesofthemind Foundation, was honored for her advocacy and support in mental health.
  • Through her foundation, she has conducted over 100 sessions globally, impacting more than 50,000 lives.
  • Gupta’s work has fostered an empathetic community focused on mental health support, collaborating with numerous stakeholders to implement innovative projects.
  • She aims to make mental health services more accessible and to reduce stigma through community engagement and expressive arts.

Recognition and Impact:

  • Both Bhatia and Gupta were among the 20 global recipients of the Diana Legacy Awards, acknowledging their exceptional social action and humanitarian efforts.
  • The awards were presented by Prince William, who commended the recipients for their courage, compassion, and commitment to positive change.
  • The Legacy Award recipients receive personal and professional development support to further enhance their social action initiatives and inspire other young people.
  • The awards ceremony was attended by changemakers from various countries, demonstrating the global impact of their work.
  • Prince Harry also made a virtual appearance to interact with the winners, highlighting the significance of their contributions.


  • Uday Bhatia and Manasi Gupta’s recognition reflects their dedication to addressing critical issues and making a positive impact on society.
  • Their achievements serve as an inspiration for other young individuals to engage in social action and humanitarian work, embodying the spirit of Princess Diana’s legacy.

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