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1.    The universe
2.     Solar System & Planets, Stars
3.     Latitudes, longitudes and fixed time
4.     Interior of our Earth
5.     Changing Earth
6.     Causes and consequences of an earthquake
7.     Endogenic forces: ephrogenic and orogenic
8.     Exogenic Forces: Tenulation & Weathering
9.     Tsunami and its Causes & Tsunami Warning Systems
10.  Landscapes: Types of Mountains, Plateaus and Plains
11.  Volcanic landforms
12.  Glacier landscapes
13.  Desert landscapes
14.  Major plateaus of the world
15.  Composition of air
16.  water
17.  Basic concepts in geography

Physical features:

1.     Location and its neighbor
2.     Borders of India
3.     Administrative divisions of India: States and Union Territories
4.     Physics Division
5.     Geography of India
6.     Classification of rocks in India
7.     Trans-Himalayan region or Tibet Himalayan region
8.     East or Purvanchal Hills
9.     Aravalli Range
10.  Peninsular Plateau
11.  Great Plains of India
12.  Structure of Plains Division
13.  Indian Tessor
14.  Western Ghats
15.  Eastern Ghats
16.  Western Ghats Coastal Plain
17.  East Coast Plain
18.  Island groups
19.  Important Passes of India

Climate, Soil and Plants:

1.     Location and its neighbor
2.     Borders of India
3.     Administrative divisions of India: States and Union Territories
4.     Geography of India
5.     Physics Division
6.     Classification of rocks in India
7.     Great Plains of India
8.     Structure of Plains Division
9.     Indian Tessor
10.  Western Ghats
11.  Eastern Ghats
12.  Western Ghats Coastal Plain
13.  East Coast Plain
14.  Island groups
15.  Trans-Himalayan region or Tibet Himalayan region
16.  East or Purvanchal Hills
17.  Aravalli Range
18.  Peninsular Plateau

Drainage system:

1.     Drainage system
2.     River System
3.     East flowing peninsular river
4.     West-flowing peninsular river
5.     List of lakes in India
6.     Water Management
7.     River Valley Projects of India
8.     List of cities located along the river

Economic geography

1.     Industrial Growth in India
2.     Factories in India
3.     Industrial Areas in India
4.     Chemical Fertilizer Plant in India
5.     Aluminium Industries in India
6.     Agro-based Industries in India
7.     Pharmaceutical industries in India
8.     Forest based industries
9.     Petroleum and Natural Gas
10.  Oil and gas pipelines
11.  India’s Energy Resources
12.  Coal resources of India
13.  Nuclear minerals
14.  Electrical power generation equipment in India
15.  Nuclear energy
16.  Non-Conventional Energy Resources
17.  Iron and Steel Industry in India
18.  Shipping Industry
19.  Cement Factory
20.  Engineering Career
21.  Mineral bands in India
22.  Transport & Communication
23.  Road Transport
24.  Rail transport
25.  Waterways
26.  Air transport
27.  Public Relations System

Human geography:

1.    Structure of Indian Population
2.    Population Policies of India
3.    Human migration
4.    Ethnic groups of India
5.    Scheduled Tribes in India
6.    Scheduled Castes in India
7.    Human Resources
8.    Human Development
9.    Human Development Index of India
10. Indicators of Development
11. Human settlement
12. Urban settlements in India
13. Urbanization in India
14. Functional classification of cities
World Geography Notes
1.     Asia
2.     Africa
3.     Europe
4.     North America
5.     South America
6.     Australia and Oceania
7.     Antarctica
8.     Major straits of the world
9.     Important seas of the world
10.  Important lakes of the world
11.  Important Trenches of the World
12.  Important Peninsulas of the World
13.  Important Gulf of the World
14.  Important rivers of the world
15.  Important Waterfalls of the World
16.  Historical Area and Disputed Areas
17.  Important Islands of the World
18.  Grasslands of the World
19.  Important Dams of the World
20.  Important ports of the world
21.  Major plateaus of the world
22.  Important Boundary Lines of the World


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