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Lodi Dynasty

Lodi Dynasty:(1451-1526)

 The Lodi dynasty was founded by the Afghan Khizali clan.Bahlol Lodi conquered the Punjab before entering Delhi.Bahlol Lodi seized the throne of Delhi in 1451, adopted the name “Bahlol Shah Ghazi” and overthrew the Sharqi Empire.Sikandar Lodi succeeded Bahlol Lodi on 15 July 1489 amid a power struggle with his elder brother Parbak Shah.Sikandar Lodhi demolished the Indian temples at Mathura andNaga port and imposed Jasya on the Hindus to establish the supremacy of Islam.Raja Man Singh successfully defended the fort of Gwalior against Sikandar Lodi’s attempts to seize control.Ibrahim Khan Lodi succeeded Sikandar Lodi after a succession conflict with his elder brother Jalal-ud-din, who died in 1517.

Lodi Dynasty Rulers: 

  King   Reign
Bahlol Lodi 1451-1489
Sikandar Lodi 1489-1517
Ibrahim Lodi 1517-1526

Bahlol Lodi (A.D. 1451-1489):

  • The founder of the Lodi dynasty.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to capture Delhi in 1443 and 1447, and finally  succeeded in
  • They were favourites of Afghan nobles with jagirs and high ranks,  treating them as equals.
  • He expanded his empire beyond Delhi and conquered Malwa and Jaunpur.
  • A modest ruler, sitting on the floor with his nobles for support and recognition.
  • The longest reign in the Delhi Sultanate (38 years).
  • He died in 1489 CE and Sikandar Lodi succeeded him.

Sikandar Lodi (1489-1517):

  • Son of Bahlol Lodhi, he ruled the Delhi Sultanate  from 1489-1517.
  • He conquered Bihar and established Agra as his capital in 1506.
  • They encouraged agriculture and industry and introduced a new unit of measurement.
  • Enjoyed the shehnai, and was commissioned to the tune of “Lahjadi-Sikandar Shahi”.
  • Poet under the pseudonym “Gulruhi” in Persian.
  • He destroyed Hindu temples like Mathura because of his Muslim faith.

Ibrahim Lodi (1517-1526):

  • In 1517, he overthrew his brother, the ruler of  Jaunpur, and became the Sultan.
  • He tried to consolidate the royal power through harsh measures, excluding the nobles.
  • The humiliation and killing of the nobles created widespread discontent.
  • He lost the crucial Battle of Ghatoli to Rana Sanga in 1518, weakening his position.
  • It was defeated by Babur in the First Battle of Panipat (1526) marking the end of the Lodhi dynasty.

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